Friday, January 11, 2013

Treatment 7, Hat 6, Yarn Stash 2 (hut, hut)

(Felt a little like Ben Roethlisberger calling a play for a minute there...)

So, while spending the holidays in Gonzales, LA I hit the local Joanne Fabric store for their yarn sale. And picked up enough to finish the rest of the 17 chemo caps.

This should see me through to the finish line, with some left over for extra caps when I'm sitting in the oncologist's office waiting for him. He's always at least 45 minutes late because he spends as much time with a patient as that patient needs to spend with him. I just view it as good knitting time...

I'm changing the style of hat for this series. I'd been playing with designing a pillbox-type of hat last year, with Turkish colorwork all over. So I stole some techniques from that hat, refigured it for this thicker worsted weight yarn and Hats 6-10 were born! Here's #6, knitted over the holidays in Louisiana while watching the yellow skies to see if any tornadoes dropped out of the clouds.

Yarn used was Red Heart Collage in Color 2934 Tundra. It's a nice soft worsted with slow color changes. And I chose a traveling rib stitch for its interesting texture. I apologize if these all look a bit like mushrooms--I was in a bit of a hurry to catch the nice light coming in the window and wasn't too worried about what I used to display the hats for photography (there's a small plate and a bottle of poison ivy medicine underneath that hat to give it the proper shape and elevate it).

I'm off therapy for two days, so won't be posting till Monday. See ya then!

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