Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lucky Hat #13??

Same pattern, new colors! Bernat Softee Baby again, in Color 31425 Princess Pebbles and Color 30424 Soft Red. (Prince Pebbles and Princess Pebbles? Was the yarn company channeling the Flintstones when they chose those names?)

Stitch close-up

No new issues with the mouth ulcers today, knock on wood. Doc says all is well, reminds me to take/use meds they prescribe (like I'd not use the anesthetic for my mouth ulcers? are you nuts, doc? that's the only way I can eat food!). Nurse is upset with me because I'm intentionally trying to lose weight and being successful, until I explain that all I did was cut out a lot of carbs and am eating a healthy diet. She's concerned when her cancer patients lose weight.....cause that's her job!

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