Saturday, June 13, 2009

The first step is admitting you have a problem

I/we need a 12-step program. We rented an econoline van yesterday in order to move our boxes of stuff to the new house so we wouldn't have to pay burly guys to do it for us. And hubby and I have received our Godsmacks today. The four of us loaded the van with my fiber and yarn boxes and drove off to the new place. Unloaded. Oldest son and I stayed behind to hang light fixtures while youngest son and hubby went to load up again. Second vanful was half boxes of fiber and yarn--and there's still bits and pieces of yarn at home! The other half was boxes of hubsters books. And the third van was more boxes of books. (Although I have to say that MY boxes were MUCH easier to unload than his--we had to use the riding mower and trailer to drive them from the van to the door and then walk them up the stairs.)

Oh dear. We. have. a. problem. Is anyone interested in becoming our Executor of Fiber and Books? I think the boys' inheritance is tied up in our collections and they'd probably like some cash when we die instead of wool and history books. They've already threatened to hold a big bonfire in our honor, fueled by my fiber and his books. And today they took bets before we started packing, trying to guess how many loads it would take to move my fiber/yarn. It's just embarrassing.

Won't stop me from going to another fiber festival, tho! Phffft!