Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hat #1

Sounds a little like Thing 1 from Dr. Seuss, doesn't it? This is the post that should have happened yesterday but was waylaid by busyness. I'm still working my way through the 17 chemo caps--on No. 8 currently. Here's the first hat, and I'm hoping to post one each day.

The first series of 5 hats were made with a pattern from M. Nishioka, aka I Like Lemons. She had a free copy of the hat on her blog and also on Ravelry--it's the Button-Tab Knit Hat. I made a few changes to the pattern as my yarn was a bit thicker than she used, and the buttons came from my 20+-year-old button jar. As my Mom said, you never know when you'll need a certain button so why not save them for the future?

I used a lot of baby yarn in my caps because it's made to be ultrasoft, and this is no exception. The cuff is Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in Color 76007 Lushest Lace, while the bulk of the hat is Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Sprinkles in Color DN350-03 Bunnyhop. Most of the tufts on this yarn stayed on the purl or inside of the cap where I thought they'd be extra soft against chemo-abused skin. I thought that it was a good omen when the only orphaned silver button I had in my jar was a heart!

I've already had the second of the 17 treatments, so I'm behind on posting by one hat. That one will appear on Monday. Till then, have a great weekend everyone! Oh, and I wanted to say--GO PACKERS! (Well, if the Steelers ain't in the playoffs, at least I want to see the Ravens and Bengals given a good beating)

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