Friday, January 18, 2013

Ladies Simply Warm Hat, Chemo Hat #11

The next series of hats will be knitted with a pattern of mine, the Ladies Simply Warm Hat. The yarns used for this first one were Bernat Softee Baby in Color 31201 Prince Pebbles (the multicolored one) and Color 30044 Flannel (the solid one).

Stitch close-up

I had a lot of fun choosing colors for these hats, matching them and then seeing how they develop in the knitting. There IS one that's my favorite but you'll have to wait to hear which it is.

AND....I have finally stumped Evil Bill! He asked for my preferred musical selection and had no clue who Buckwheat Zydeco was! He had several pieces in the playlist though so a good time was had by all, if one can be said to have a good time clamped into a linear accelerator.

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