Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stash Enhancement

Not that I need more fiber, but Great Lakes Fiber Festival gets me every time!

Ready-to-spin fiber:

Gradient Merino/silk top from Fiber Optic

Big Bundles and some spiffy sock yarn from Rivers Edge

And a Shetland lamb's fleece that I just couldn't resist. About a 6" staple, no weak tips, just enough lanolin to make it spin like buttah.....

Photos don't include the light blue, royal blue and red dyed flax top I found or the silk thread (200 yds per spool!) for plying.

We ran into (several times as a matter of fact) two friends from my guild, and Linda was also bitten by the same Shetland fleece vendor. Fred Maier has really nice fleeces. And now that I've let the cat out of the bag, you'll all run to his booth next year and buy him out before I can get there, right?

It was a beautiful weekend for fiber shopping and we all had lovely time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wildflowers from PA to LA

This is a photo-heavy post. Pix were taken during our drive back to Louisiana. I had thought I could post them in order of appearance, north-to-south, but there was a lot of overlap. Some flowers, the pink balloon-type flowers especially, appeared in West Virginia and ran all the way through Alabama. Where possible I recognized the flowers; others are simple 'pink flowers'. If you happen to recognize these spring wildflowers, post a comment. I'd love to know the names of the ones we didn't recognize.

Dogwoods in WV

Dogwoods in WV
Pink Dogwood


Buttercups appear in WV

The pink balloon-type flowers appear in southern VA...



...and the pink flowers continue through AL!

Yep, it exists and I was there. Multiple times!

Tall yellow flowers--Indian paintbrushes??
Carpets of intense purple flowers begin in TN and run through AL

Sometimes the flowers appear in clumps of riotous color
Newly blooming magnolia right outside Husbeast's apartment in LA
And, while not wildflowers, the plantings at Nottaway Plantation are just lovely

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not much going on this week...

I had to take a road trip 2,000 miles south to help the Husbeast move back home. While I was waiting to change planes, he was informed that he's staying put for another 3 weeks. LeSigh....  So we packed everything except what he'd need for that 3 weeks and drove it home. HOWEVER, since he has to return to that job site, we have to drive another 2,000 miles back and I'll fly home next week. Needless to say, this has put a serious crimp in my plans!

I did manage to get enough singles yarn spun to make up five kits of my new crocheted reversible Tracery Hat. Three kits are available at Darn Yarn Needles and Thread in Harmony, PA; they're the original blue purple color (Amethyst), Aquamarine and Garnet colors.


Aquamarine and Garnet are also available in my Etsy shop for $34, which includes the handspun yarn and pattern. You will still need to purchase about 125 yards of a matching worsted wool to complete the hat--I didn't feel that I should impose my color choices on buyers, and choosing colors is the best part of making something, isn't it?
I also took several days to finish up the second of two entries for Waynesburg Sheep and Wool Festival. They will be going in the mail to the festival next week. I'm also judging the contest, but the wise coordinator (Hi, Judith!) has devised a system whereby everything is judged anonymously. They do such a wonderful job of organizing this festival, and the lamb sandwiches are to die for.
So, having returned 2 days ago, I had lots of stuff to catch up on and finally had time last night and this morning to finish up some Merino/camel down/silk combed top from Blue Moon Fiberarts. This stuff is a dream to spin and I may have to order more in another colorway. I'm still trying to decide if I want to use this yarn for myself or if I will put it in the shop for sale. It's not my colors, but it's SO luscious.

Singles ready to be plied
Yarn plied last week before my travels