Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hat #4

I needed a change-up, so this cuff is Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in Color 76233 Quicker Clover, while the bulk of the hat is Bernat Pipsqueak in Color 1205. Although I loved this yarn when I bought it, it turned out to be a little unpleasant for me to work with. When I looked closely at the label I found that it's 100% polyester, which I can't wear because it just feels squicky against my skin--so that explains the unpleasantness. Your mileage may vary as I know lots of folks love polyester clothing for it's resistance to wrinkles.And it's as soft as a babys bottom! The button was one of those extra ones that they hang on new clothing, thinking that folks can sit down and sew on a replacement button when the dog chews one off. I have a cat who could care less about buttons so that's not an issue here at Chez Feistywoman. Although leaving raw alpaca fiber lying around is just asking for trouble!

And yes, Karl, he loved the alpaca yarn. Thanks again!

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