Thursday, April 23, 2015

Latest projects

I have been extremely busy these past weeks. I had a second article for Yarnmaker magazine to get to the publisher which entailed completing and assessing several projects. Then there's the upcoming trip to Sweden and all those workshop details to be ironed out--kudos to the Swedish tax office and customs office for prompt consideration of the situation!

I'm now working on another article for PLY magazine, spinning and weaving my little fingers into stiffness. Actually, the arthritis foundation says that keeping your hands and fingers active and warm will stave off a lot of the arthritis symptoms. So there's yet another benefit to doing fiber work!

And, just to make sure I don't get TOO much sleep, there's the Harmony Fiber Arts Festival coming up on June 13. I'm sharing a space with another spinner/weaver who does similar-but-different items. We'll have handspun and handwoven accessories, and I may be persuaded to bring along some of my stash of yarn and/or blending fibers for the folks who play with fibers in some manner.

Along those lines, I'm working up several shawlettes using the softest wool yarn from Canon Hand Dyes and several Shetland lace patterns. Each shawl is one-of-a-kind and will sit well on your shoulders because there's just the hint of a curve to them. When it gets blustery, just use it as a scarf and wrap snugly around your neck.

White with charcoal smudges

A close-up of the white shawlette

On the blocking board. This is a much deeper blue than the camera captured, with the same charcoal smudges as the white shawlette

On the needles. A deep buttery yellow with orange smudges, reminds me of the daffodils in my yard