Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Navaho, or large support, spindle spinning

Working away on my COE-Spinning skeins these days. I haven't done much spindling, and NO Navaho spindling for 25+ years. So I took out the Navaho spindle I'd purchased from a woodworker in Memphis, tried working with it and realized that I'd bought just that--a woodworkers spindle. NOT a spinners spindle! It was just too heavy and wouldn't hold a spin at all. Live and learn! I did a little research and decided on an Al Snipes Navaho spindle, available from Hillcreek Fiber Studio.

I started working with it in earnest yesterday and by last night had settled on the best technique and the best wool to use for this skein. This morning I finished most of the skein (had to break for lunch and a cup of coffee). I have to say, this spindle is just "the bees knees"! Lightweight, removeable whorl, easy to get spinning and holds a spin just as long as I need it to! I'm just lovin' this tool, and may have to make it one of my airline travel spindles (if the shaft will fit in my carry-on). It would be wonderful for spinning up some chunky (chunky for me is worsted weight--LOL) yarn or for plying yarn spun on another spindle.

Back to the studio before my coffee gets cold!