Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pillbox hat #8

Yep, I like this yarn for this shape of hat! Red Heart Collage in Color 2940 Wood Trail this time. And still using the Waffle Stitch.

This one REALLY looks like a mushroom because it's the right color for a woodland mushroom. We have them growing out of the stumps around here and I've always wondered if they're edible. My father and I used to go mushrooming around here before the farm was sold and 'modern' houses built but I've forgotten everything he taught me. One of these days I'll take a mycology class.....

I have a new tech this week and have decided that his name is Evil Bill. When he asked if I wanted music, I told him that just about anything is fine except Bob Seger and AC/DC because I tend to want to dance or sing to those bands. And what does he play, while I'm locked into a tight mask and immobilized on a therapy table? Yep, "For Those About To Rock" and "Main Street". Evil, Evil Bill!

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