Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hat #5

Back to the original cap yarns, this cuff is Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in Color 76201 Swifter Sea (this yarn has some weird names, dontcha think?) and the rest of it is Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Sprinkles in Color DN350-06 Tadpoles. Again, the buttons were those extra replacement buttons in a navy blue. I think I like this colorway the best.

So, last week they gave me a permanent Valet Parking pass because they feel that radiation oncology patients shouldn't have to walk to/from the parking lot in the rain, cold or heat. It's not good for our tender skin and radiation therapy can cause fatigue and a whole range of temporary conditions, so they're nice enough to make it easy on us. I didn't want to use it at first but found myself running late because the flu epidemic has jammed the parking lots and driveways of the hospital. So I've been using the pass this week. And I drive a manual transmission (a 'stick shift' for those of us of A Certain Age). It amuses me no end that each day the 2 fellas who are on duty will hang back and let the 1 young lady park my car--I suspect they don't feel comfortable without their automatic vehicles! It's just so cute...

Tomorrow, a whole new pattern and new yarns!

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