Monday, January 14, 2013

Hat #7

Another of the pillbox style, which I think is flattering to many women. This one uses Red Heart Collage in Color 2352 Crimson Maple. I LOVE this color! Maybe there's enough yarn left in the skein to make another hat for me.....hmmmm?

Stitch closeup

Just to give myself something different to knit, I chose a Waffle Stitch for this hat. I think it goes well with the subtle striping in the yarn.

Met with Carol the nurse and Doc today, as I do every Monday to ask questions and just say hello. You can't wear moisturizer or anything else on your skin during treatments, and they give you a special moisturizer for the type of dry skin that radiation produces, so I usually take the bottle with me and moisturize as soon as I leave the treatment room. Carol thinks it's funny that I moisturized my face in the Exam Room today and then couldn't get the top off my lip balm because my hands were slippery! Doc says my mouth, which feels like leather, is a little irritated but otherwise just fine. Eight treatments done, nine to go!!

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