Sunday, June 15, 2008

Contest!!! Well, a mini-contest, sort of....

I was out of town earlier in the week, visiting places and snapping pix. It occurred to me that it would be fun to see if others could guess where I'd been, keeping in mind what I do for a living.
So, here's a little contest to see if you can guess:

1) The name of the city I visited;

2) One or both of the places I visited while in that city.

Your one hint is the photo below. Be the first person to correctly name the city and you will earn $5 off any item in my Etsy store. If you can ALSO guess one of the places I visited in that city, you will earn an additional $5 off, for a total of $10 discount in my store. Remember, you must be the FIRST person to guess the city. And that same person must also name one of the places I visited to earn the additional discount. Contest is not open to any employees of Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh (they already know where I was) nor any of my immediate family (same reason, but then again my brothers don't knit--especially the bluegrass player--so they probably wouldn't enter anyway!)

I thought it would be a fun challenge for folks to research and stretch their brains. Enjoy, and have fun with this.....

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