Monday, June 16, 2008

And....we have a winner!

malegra said...
Would that be Nazareth, PA?And then I'd have to guess that you visited Kraemer Textiles?

Although her post was in last weeks column, malegra has given the correct answer. I was indeed in Nazareth, PA on an extremely hot Tuesday. It was already past 90 degrees at 9:30 in the morning when I visited Kraemer Textile Mill, and their air conditioning had been out for several days. But I still had to shop for yarn, of course.

The other valid guess would have been C.F. Martin Co, the guitar makers. My brother, the bluegrass guitarist and singer (and that was another hint) deserved a Martin t-shirt because..... well, because he's my brother. And Martin's air conditioning was also on the fritz!

So, I'm interested in knowing how you came up the both answers so quickly?

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malegra said...

Wow, thanks!!! Sorry about posting to the wrong blog entry - must have scrolled down further than I thought when I entered the comment.

How did I find it? Google maps... put in Mauch Chunk Street, and several entires came up, but when I entered "Mauch Chunk and Main," it led me to Nazareth.

Then I Googled Nazarety yarn fiber shop... and found Kraemer Textiles. I figured that MUST be it!

Martin Guitars, though... that sounds so interesting. We've toyed with visiting there before, but it's just a wee bit further than what we want to do in a day. Sounds fun, though!

Thanks again - this was fun, and I can't wait to see the roving in person!