Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy busy week

Phew! I feel like I've finally jumped off the merry-go-round and caught my breath! Last week started with our 'summer camp' at the store. My student was a lovely 9-year-old young lady with whom I spend 3 days, teaching her about fiber and spinning. She left with several balls of her handspun which Grandma was planning to knit into a lap robe for her American Girl doll. Then there was the dental crown--ugh, nuff said. Two dinners out, one with in-laws who I love dearly and another just because there was a restaurant offering fresh Dungeness crab. Then another (adult) spinning class on Saturday. Somewhere in there I managed to make some stock for my store and get a little knitting and spinning done. My latest knit project is a pair of gloves

in my handspun variagated yarn which I made to honor our local sports team colors, black and gold. Okay, so maybe they're ugly to most folks but in Pittsburgh no one would batt an eye if I wore these--think Steelers, Penguins and Pirates all of whom have done well or are doing well this year. And I will resist taking a jab at that football team up north who like to bend the rules to win (you know who you are...).

Today's projects include:
1. Finishing up restocking my store so I can work on the new line of sock fiber
2. Getting some spinning done, because....
3. I must rest my right index finger. Seems I jammed it somewhere and now it bothers me every time I knit. Bummer.
4. Dropping the F-Bomb at every opportunity in understanding company. This project is in honor of a great visionary who passed away this morning, the undeniable George Carlin. I hope you packed all your stuff, George. We'll miss you.

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