Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's spring, and I'm in the garden and yard every day!!

No fiber chat this week, I've been busy with the outdoors and exploring my new blending board. I'm close to  coming up with some colorways for the board, and hope to have something in the shop next week. But this week I'll bore you to tears with my gardening chat.

We had 9 trees taken out last fall and the Caterpillar tractor they used to remove the logs tore up the lawn a bit. They were very careful but that much weight on tires with large treads will do damage. So we've spent the last 3 weeks (with the help of DS #1) hauling 3 cubic yards of topsoil around the lawn, spreading it, raking it smooth, seeding it and laying down some straw to keep it in place so it would sprout. One set of tread marks washed out and had to be redone with log "stairs" to keep the rain from washing it out again. No photos, but it was a lot of work.

At the same time, I've been trying to get the garden ready for the year. Something vicious bloomed last year (looks like mullein but isn't) and cast its seeds all over the garden. I've pulled 10 drywall buckets of the dang things out of the garden. And the chickweed! Ugh!'s all finished, the first planting of peas and the asparagus have sprouted and I'm a happy woman.

The yard has been filled with wild violets--my favorite flower. I had warned the arborist that if he wiped out my violets with his Cat, I'd hunt him down and make him replant them everywhere! But he's safe, only a small part of the yard hasn't bloomed and I know the violets will spread over that patch next year.

And I leave you with the view from my kitchen porch, where I sip my coffee every morning when it's warm enough. This is the sight that greeted me this morning. Life is good at Chez Feisty. Geez, I just love spring!

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