Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pink! Lots of it and in different tones

A friend of mine asked if I'd be interested in doing up some special batts for her. You see, her brother is marrying a lady who just loves pink, she wants to spin and knit a special shawl for the bride and she doesn't have the equipment or raw materials to blend what she wants. Of course I'll do it for her. Purple is my favorite color of all time, but pink ranks right up there with purple.

I decided that Merino wool, silk and cashmere would make the perfect warm-yet-airy luxury blend. The first blend was a bit, ummm.....Pepto Bismol?

Pepto Bismol on the left, adjusted color on the right
So I added some darker colors to tone it down and shipped the batts off to my friend. There were two batts left over (I always start with more fiber than I need when I'm working on special orders) and I just had to play with them. I have a ball of dyed mohair that I've been wanting to use in a woven scarf and this seemed the perfect opportunity to see what I could do. I blended warm tones with one batt and cool tones with the other. I will spin each separately and use them with the mohair for warp. I don't yet know what I'll use for weft, but if the yarns sit there long enough they usually tell me what they want to be paired with.

Cool color on left, mohair in middle, warm color on right

And just to make life more interesting while I'm working on a magazine submission, I started a Wingspan with a ball of Zauberball I had sitting around (see? told you that yarn speaks to me when it wants to be made up into something!). It was great car knitting when we took a drive north for a bike trip last weekend. We'll see how soon it gets finished, since I'm only working on it when I'm bored with the magazine piece or when I'm riding in the car.

And that's what I did with MY week, how about you? What's on the wheel, what's on the needles? Or are you trying to get your gardening finished between storms and heat waves, like the rest of us?

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