Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New classes

As I mentioned somewhere (Facebook?), I've developed 3 new classes in my Knitting Know-How series. The first class is "Shaping your Knitting with Short Rows". Students have a choice to work on straight needles and make the Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner or use a circular needle for The Short Row ‘Round Earwarmer by Aimee Benson.

Aviatrix baby/toddler hat

Short Row 'Round Earwarmer

Secondly, I'm offering "Knitting Simple Lace" where we'll make the students' choice of two washcloths. Small projects like washcloths are great for teaching yourself a new stitch while creating a usable piece.

Lastly, we have "Working with Two Circular Needles". Students will be knitting a circular baby hat using two circular needles throughout--no need to switch to double-pointed needles to work the top hat decreases! For this class we'll be making the Basic Baby Hat pattern from Heather Tucker.


Class are offered at Darn Yarn Needles and Threads in Harmony, PA. It such a neat little town with quite a bit of history. Stop at Stohr House Bakery for fresh danish, walk down the hill to the Wunderbar Coffee House where you can grab a seat and have your danish, then wander around to the back and meet me at Darn Yarn for your class. Such a nice was to spend a Saturday.

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'Kolai said...

The short-rows look interesting!