Monday, March 4, 2013


After a little side-trip to Louisiana to celebrate family birthdays, I'm back and enjoying the northern weather. Yes, I said "enjoying"--the humidity in Louisiana plays havoc with my allergies.

The tea cosy and hotpad are completely finished and awaiting their labels. I used the dyed skein to do a blanket stitch around the hotpad.

Then I did a herringbone stitch along the decrease lines of the tea cosy because I just didn't feel that they looked right. The stitching pulls the cosy together, don't ya think? I knitted about 2" of I-cord for the top loop and fastened that securely to the cosy. Then I did blanket stitch around the bottom of the cosy to help the felted and slightly-curled edge to flatten a bit and match the hotpad.

Closeup of tea cosy stitching

And here's the "official" photo of the finished set. I understand that the bidding for the guild items went well, and I shall turn over my creations to the winning bidder on Wednesday morning. Glad another fiber person will have these to use and treasure!

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RMK said...

This is gorgeous!
Double :)