Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pleased as punch; vacationland

I am happy to announce that my sock fiber has been used in a new sock designed by mensabuttercup (see, June 29 post on Cucumber Falls Socks). That's my Silver Ferns colorway there, yep it is! She is such a talented spinner--her yarn was spun fine enough that she could Navaho ply it (which makes a 3-ply yarn while conserving the color striping) and have enough to knit a pair of socks. My hat's off to you for a fine job, and the sock pattern ain't too shabby either.

I've been working on spinning each of my Posy Toes colors just because I want to see them for myself and play with different methods of handling the colors. So far I've done Lisianthus

followed by Gloriosa
and the first one I finished and then knit into a sock, Lunaria.

Only 7 more to spin, then on to the Posy Toes Bamboo colorways. I'll be introducing these in my Etsy store as soon as I have at least half of them prepared and photographed. I'll be chained to my wheel for months!


I will be heading out for a weeks' vacation to see my brothers family in another state. Originally we'd planned to spend the week with my brother at his house because he's not in good health. But he was admitted to a home 3 weeks ago, so I suppose I'll be visiting him there once or twice and spending more time with his wife, children and grandchildren. It sucks to watch one of your favorite siblings get old....

I should be back posting sometime after July 14 or 15. In the meantime, the cats (and our son) will be on guard duty around here, making sure that no breaks in to steal my stash.

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