Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cotton spinning Down South

Here I am at the 'southern studio' again. On Monday I plied up the two charka spindles of cotton singles that I'd spun over the last week. Love this yarn and need to finish it up this week.

Yesterday morning I removed the tied-on scarf warps from the loom--what a shame to waste all those thrums but I just never get around to using them. Decided that I had time to put on the shawl warp before I had to leave for lunch with my cousin. This is what happens when you're away from all your tools and need to add 28 warp threads to a design:

And I almost jumped out of my skin while threading up the warp! It seems they're power-washing the entire complex. I had no idea they were working on my building until someone jumped onto my balcony! And I'm on the top floor so how the heck did he get up here? For a second I thought I was about to be burglarized until I saw his company shirt. The balcony is now sparkling clean and thank goodness he had the intelligence to not power-wash the balcony floor, as our half dozen planters are out there.

Somehow, on the way home from lunch yesterday, I accidentally stopped at the local yarn shop (Cottage Yarns) . Some very nice cotton yarn followed me back to the car and begged to be adopted. Except I have to go back for more as the summer top I want to make will require 2 more balls. 😀

Somewhere in between working on the cotton spinning, the shawl warp and the prototype for the next magazine article, I also managed to spin up two bobbins of wool singles. This is how I relax my brain from doing the must-do projects--I just spin some colorful wool to relax. I have an idea for plying these with other colors but haven't gotten there yet. Perhaps there will be photos later this week.

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