Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another rainy day--a great time to work on the magazine article

Rain predicted any minute now and I'm excited. I snuck out early this morning and got the French fingerling potatoes in the ground. And I'm wondering why I didn't think to put in more kohlrabi and spinach seed. But I digress....

Rainy day means that I can catch up on several things inside. Like updating my Etsy shop with several new yarns. I've gotten the photos done, just need to tune them up in PaintShop, print out labels, write the descriptions and list the yarns. Some of the yarns need to re-skeined because I spun them at my southern studio and only had my small sample niddy noddy to wind them off and wash them. They look quite scrunched as little skeins!

I also need to finish spinning the Poppies yarns and another lavendar/purple/variegated top that's in the middle of the living room. A good time to binge-watch The 4400.

Then there's the work for the magazine article. There's sampling to complete, a prototype project to finish, and yarn to spin. This is the main focus for today, with the other chores scattered throughout the day to break up the work on the article. I find I can only keep my attention sharp for an hour or so at a time, so having a few projects to circulate keeps me on my toes for each of them. Well, that and a pot of coffee......

Be well and enjoy having today to play with.

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