Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wildflowers from PA to LA

This is a photo-heavy post. Pix were taken during our drive back to Louisiana. I had thought I could post them in order of appearance, north-to-south, but there was a lot of overlap. Some flowers, the pink balloon-type flowers especially, appeared in West Virginia and ran all the way through Alabama. Where possible I recognized the flowers; others are simple 'pink flowers'. If you happen to recognize these spring wildflowers, post a comment. I'd love to know the names of the ones we didn't recognize.

Dogwoods in WV

Dogwoods in WV
Pink Dogwood


Buttercups appear in WV

The pink balloon-type flowers appear in southern VA...



...and the pink flowers continue through AL!

Yep, it exists and I was there. Multiple times!

Tall yellow flowers--Indian paintbrushes??
Carpets of intense purple flowers begin in TN and run through AL

Sometimes the flowers appear in clumps of riotous color
Newly blooming magnolia right outside Husbeast's apartment in LA
And, while not wildflowers, the plantings at Nottaway Plantation are just lovely

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