Thursday, April 24, 2014

New! I've done a crochet hat pattern!

Just because they're so pretty and DS#2 gave them to me, here's my bouquet of Easter lilies. I'm thinking of creating a yarn to honor that pearlescent pink, it's so lovely.
I haven't done much crochet in the past years. Grandma started me out at the ripe old age of 6 with a teeny tiny steel hook and crochet thread. She taught me to make doilies and she ripped them out if the stitches weren't absolutely perfect. Rather discouraging for a little girl. I took it up again in high school as a way to kill time in the winter evenings while watching Red Skeleton (yeah, I'm THAT old). Did did a few of those ever-so-fashionable mesh hats in the 60s, made more doilies when I first married, made some crochet plant pot covers, played with it off and on. But I never did much with handspun yarn and crochet. I also have been enamored of the Dubbelmossa hats, the ones that are doubled with Fair Isle patterns on 2/3 of the hat and keep your ears so warm with 4 layers. I've always wanted to combine lace and that hat pattern. Designing it in crochet presented lots of problems; I've been working on this since Thanksgiving! The mesh is incredibly stretchy, the double crochet solid portion not so stretchy, so I had to write two patterns and get them to match perfectly. And it's finally done, test crocheted and loaded on Ravelry. There are kits with my handspun available at Darn Yarn Needles and Threads in Harmony, PA and more will appear in my Etsy shop next week (I'm traveling starting tomorrow so can't do it today).

There's also a knitted version finished, but the pattern isn't written and I haven't spun any of the yarn for kits. Stay tuned.....

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RMK said...

What - no crochet toilet paper cover "dolls" in your past?