Friday, February 14, 2014

Two weeks' worth of work

It's been a busy two weeks, what with Ravellenic Games and doctors appointments. I'm a co-captain of my Ravellenics team so have been scrambling to assist the team and send out the spirit bags. And finish the four projects I've committed to for the competition. This is the first completion, a kimono I started in ....2009? I think? At any rate, I hate sewing up and committed to getting the seams finished for the Games. Done!

And spinning also happened. I'm working on a few patterns and needed to work up the yarn I plan to use for the final sample, which will photographed for the pattern.

The scarf yarn:  

The hat yarn:
And the wool leftovers on the bobbin from a larger project, one plied with a handspun dyed rayon top and a second one plied with a heathered dark brown handspun wool top (that's the yarn in the closeup on the right). I plan to use them together since they complement each other so well, I just don't know what they will become yet.

I'm still working on 1.5 lb. of wool top for the Games, a lapghan I promised my husband several years ago, and a handspun/commercial spun striped vest that I should really finish. These are all Ravellenic Games projects and I have a week to get them all done. It's rather difficult to spin when your favorite skier is barreling down the slalom run at 90 mph, though!

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