Friday, January 31, 2014

One pair done, four more to go!

So. Back to Christmas and spending the holiday in Connecticut with DS#1....
See, there's this yarn store just down the hill. The Lady E hadn't been there before. I hadn't been there before. Heck, I hadn't been in that part of Connecticut, and I've been traveling up there for 45 years! Down the hill we go to see the town, stop in the old railroad station/gift shop, stop in the yarn store. Oops. 

There was a sale on sock yarn, and we all went a little nuts. All told, I have 5 skeins to turn into socks for 4 people (DS is a little greedy, needs 2 pair).

The Lady E's socks (in transit to her)
The Lady E's yarn
Heel detail

Sock top detail

DS chose two yarns, one for regular wear and one because he wanted 'something bright'.

These are almost complete.

His bright pair, not yet started

Husbeast got into the act since it can be quite damp and cold in Louisiana winters, and of course, I had to have a pair.


Husbeast, what a color risk taker!

I certainly know how to over-commit myself, don't I?
Also while visiting up north, I finished a cowl from my handspun and it's winging it's way to a new home (not telling who gets it, it's a surprise). I'm working on another for myself because it's so nice to have something warm around your neck when traveling between warm and cold climates, which I do quite a bit. Photos of mine at a later date, when it's off the needles.

Next up, projects for the Ravellinic Games over on Ravelry. There will be spinning and knitting. Maybe I'll use one or more of the socks as a project?

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