Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shameless plug

Apologies for being away so long. I had a colonial festival that lasted through 2 weekends at which I was vending as part of a group--it was great fun, I made new friends and ran into some old friends. The best kind of 'work', if you ask me! Then I came home, unpacked my yarn, moved the last few items out of the studio, and welcomed the first of 3 contractors trooping through the house to begin work on my studio. I made them a pot of coffee--12 cups--and the two guys drank ALL of it in an hour! No wonder their work went so quickly.

At any rate, during the past few weeks I've managed to re-work my Ergonomic Earwarmer pattern. The newer version, Ergonomic Earwarmer Two, will include two different stitch patterns and a couple of ideas on how to use color in knitting them.

Do I have anyone interested in test knitting an earwarmer for me? Pattern uses US #6 needles and about 60-70 yards of yarn.

AND.....I have moved all my handspun yarn into my new Etsy shop, Feistywoman Handspun. So if you're looking for fiber, head to Feistywoman Designs. If you want patterns and handspun yarn to work those patterns, click into Feistywoman Handspun.

AND.....Last but not least, I find myself in two Etsy treasuries today.

That's quite enough for today, I think.


Robin said...

would love to test the pattern for you.

Feisty said...

So sorry Robin, but I already have a volunteer. Thanks for offering!