Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ergonomic Earwarmer Two finally test-knitted and available!

For such a simple knitted piece, this was a difficult pattern to finish. Interruptions kept happening, but that's life. Anyway, the pattern includes two different versions of the earwarmer--one in Garter Stitch and another in Mock Rib. Available in my Etsy shop and my Ravelry store (Feistywoman Designs). Knit up a bunch using leftovers and scraps for great holiday gifts.

The original Ergonomic Earwarmer needed company! And so we have two more earwarmers included in this pattern that are variations on the original but allow a lot more room for individual creativity. And the garter stitch earwarmer is uber-easy!

I hate, hate, hate earwarmers that are one solid band of fabric--it either rides up the back of my head or rides down over my eyes. To solve the problem I've created an earwarmer that will cover your ears, ride a little high at the back so your jacket collar doesn't push it upwards, and a little low at the front so your hair doesn't stick up in spikes. I also incorporated a little hanging loop at the back so it can be aired out afterwards.

Requires about 60 yds or DK weight yarn and is very easy to knit once the pattern is established.

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