Saturday, July 17, 2010

In which I report on another teaching venue, my garden, and my knitting pattern revisions

New Teaching Venue
I've been going to Fingerlakes Fiber Festival for several years now. Last year, I bumped into the lady who organizes the classes and chatted with her for a bit. Sent in my applications this spring. And received word last month that all three classes were accepted! Their website is updated with the 2010 classes and there's lots of other stuff to do up there. This is a wonderful hidden gem of a festival, folks, about 6 hours from DaBurg. There's lots of wineries around, and I can tell you where the BEST Indian restaurant can be found. This is the area that inspired my Upstate Meadows batts (which are currently sold out of my shop, but more will be made soon). Come on up and spend some time in the country!

Speaking of the country, I started harvesting my garden a couple of weeks ago. Well, actually, much earlier than that because lettuce and spinach come up FAST. After the lettuce, rhubarb and peas, the garlic was the first crop to come out of the ground. And I made a garlic braid today! I'm so proud of myself! It's hanging in the kitchen right now, with some bits of dirt still clinging to the roots. Couldn't shake/brush all the dirt without losing the dried garlic leaves, which is what one uses to make the braid. Making some caponato tomorrow with fresh eggplant and tomatoes from a nearby farm, and have some whole wheat Italian bread in the breakmaker right now. Lunch is gonna be GOOD tomorrow.

Garlic braid

Garlic fresh from the garden last week

Fresh rhubarb, peas and lettuce, washed and ready to go!

My knitting patterns
Reading the always-active copyright posts on Ravelry, it occurred to me that I hadn't looked at my copyright blurb in some time. It used to read "Garments knitted from this pattern are intended for the buyer's personal use and may not be sold for profit without prior written financial arrangements with the author". And I realized that it did not reflect what I actually wanted to say. I have always been happy to see knitters make something for themselves or their family/friends from my designs. *I* know I'm not going to make a boatload of money licensing my designs, but I did want some type of control over the items made from my pattern(s) and offered for sale. After all, if my name is going to be attached to a handknit item, I want it to be high-quality and the sales handled in a professional manner--and so I want to talk with the knitter to get a feel for who they are. And I LIKE knowing other knitters, especially the ones who like my patterns LOL. So I have taken out the word "financial" in order to be clear that I'm quite happy to have folks use my patterns to make and sell items--just please ask first.


Doris Sturm said...

Wow, you have a great harvest...didn't realize you do so much planting. I miss Rhubarb - I ate it a lot as a child in me there's nothing finer than fresh, homegrown veggies from your garden ;-) Enjoy!

Feisty said...

Doris, if you have a bit of dirt outside your place, you can buy 1-2 rhubarb plants and grow it yourself. No need to cultivate it, just pull a few stocks every week from spring through end of June, cook it up with some honey and tapioca, and enjoy!