Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surgery updates

My MILs surgery on Dec. 3 did not go well. Surgeon cut the procedure short because he found that the cancer had spread beyond what he could deal with. So we're on to Plan B-Chemotherapy, as soon as she recovers her strength. Since she was such an active woman, I suspect it's driving her crazy to be bedridden and/or have limited mobility. I try to visit at least 4 times a week, give her shampoos and rub her feet/arms with moisturizer to make her comfortable in what I consider an overheated environment (if you've spent any time in nursing/rehab centers, you know that they crank up the heat a bit because the clients are usually elderly or wearing little clothing). In the meantime, I'm making sure that FIL gets enough rest and eats well so he and I can be supportive for her.

Second surgery, a risky cardiac procedure for my brother, is scheduled for Dec. 28. Once he returns from the hospital, I will be providing transportation and support to his family. This brother has a love of split pea soup and his doctors usually approve of my leaving a potful in the nursing unit's fridge so he can have a healthy evening snack. Looks like I'm making soup over the Christmas weekend!

I'll be back as soon as possible. I still have the third set of socks to spin and knit and many fiber adventures to report. As they say, the world keeps on spinning (pun intended)........


Annie said...

We're exactly in the same boot, Carol (is that the right English word?): for us it's also my MIL, and my sister-in-law. The latter was rushed (again) into hospital last Friday and we're afraid we'll have a funeral around Christmas.
Still hope you can have a happy christmas!

FeltersJourney said...

Hope your brothers surgery goes well... dont forget to look after yourself & take it easy when you can.
Sending best wishes to you and yours

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Just lurking and sorry to hear about your MIL and Brother. I,ve been supplying allot of TLC to 3 of my friends over the Holiday and we had a funeral on Friday.
Still have the roving from you to spin and knit socks. Love the color.
Janice from Somerset and spin group.