Monday, September 8, 2008

Someone remind me that I shouldn't work weekends?

Between teaching, working on Mom's house, family obligations and working on my business, I'm bushed today. Saturday I had 2 students for spinning, which I love teaching. It's all about that "aha moment" when they realize that twisting loose fiber makes YARN--what a revelation, and what fun to see that spark in someone's eyes!

Then we were off to northern parts to take our nephew to the bookstore and the ice cream shop for his birthday presents. Unfortunately, he's recovering from a nasty cold and had developed a bit of a fever by the time we left the bookstore so we took him home. Fortunately, he was entranced with his 2 books on sports cars and motorcycles, both of which have wheels (who knew that books on vehicles were now driveable?). I have to admit, the sports car book was something I pushed for--once upon a time there was a sports car rally near the LYS where I teach, and as I drove to class I followed a Ferrari F430 Spider and was beside a Shelby Cobra remake. When I arrived at the LYS I had to sit and spin for 10 minutes to calm down enough to teach. What I really wanted to do was follow the cars to the rally! I wonder why our youngest son owns 2 models of these:

(EDIT: I cannot get this photo to rotate back to it's original orientation and Blogger is no help at all. You'll just have to turn your 'puters sidewise to view son's 1992 MR2)

and was sent to college on condition that he buy me a purple 350Z when he got a job?

Sunday was for working at the other house shoveling mulch around the fruit trees that are left after the deer onslaught, watching football (Go Steelers!), and shooting the items to go in my store this week while shooing away the cats. Y'see, when it's near Dinnertime At The Cat Ranch the boys are merciless in letting us know that they are starving and need sustenance. It's a whole process involving pitiful meows, rubbing against the camera tripod, and pointed stares directed our way. Then hubster appeared at the door and they went after HIM.....

"We saw you, yeah, we did! Open the darn door NOW!"

"And I'm gonna be the first cat in the door--don't get in my way Mercury, or it's curtains for ya!"

And now I am, on Monday, incredibly tired and dragging my butt around the house, trying to be effective and productive.....oh well.

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