Monday, April 28, 2008

Transplant fever and dyeing

One of the advantages to having a year to move is that we can transplant all our favorite flowers and shrubs beforehand and make sure they thrive at the new house. So, in an effort to beat the incoming rains, we dug up the black raspberries and elderberries on Sunday and took them over to the new house. Poor little things were so droopy by the time they were back in the ground!

But we also found an area that was covered with violets! I'd never seen these at my Mom's house before, so I suppose they've popped up in the last year or so. I love violets, second only to lilacs on my list of all-time favorite flowers.

I also found the time to create some sock rovings for dyeing. This is my most recent effort drying in the breeze, inspired by all the forsythias and redbuds that are blooming right now.

Problem is, I want to spin this one myself and not sell it. I did some rainbow colored roving this morning and want to keep THAT for myself also. But a girl can only use so many socks, so I suppose they'll go on etsy in the next few days....sigh.

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