Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ack! It's been a while....

Wow! I knew I'd been away from the blog for a bit, but I didn't realize it was almost 2 weeks. I've been busy coordinating work on our new house. It's the house I grew up in and it hasn't had any real work (or much upkeep for that matter) in years. This is what it looks like now. We're adding AC, finishing the attic as my new studio, putting in new windows, etc, etc, etc. And that's on the inside of the house--the lawn has been left to grow unmown for almost 2 years, and needs major TLC. We did manage to put in several fruit trees, tho and now just have to wait for them to make fruit. Remodeling never seems to be finished, there's always SOMETHING that needs redone.

In the meantime, as a stress-reliever I've spun up some of my Posy Toes sock batts and made socks. I used the first method on my instruction sheet so that there would be subtle stripes of color. Then I Navaho-plied so the striping would be maintained, and knit the socks toe-up on US #2 needles. They're a bit difficult to photograph because of the fine glitter blended into the wool, but they are soft, warm and very comfortable. And, as you can see, the wild violets are blooming in my yard!

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