Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have a 'digital' headache

I swear, I just wasn't meant to deal with technical stuff. Halfway through my photo shoot today, I had to download the photos because the card was full. Could it be because I accidentally put the camera on video for a few minutes? duh. Explain to me how I can understand the nuances of spinning wheels and spindles and cars, but digital cameras and VCRs and TiVos completely stump me?

All the photos of the new sock spinning batts are finished--phew! Some came out better than others because it's so tough to photograph something with glitter, even without a flash. The nylon just picks up every bit of light even when the lights are softened. As soon as I finish this post, I'll be putting the batts up on Etsy. New sock yarns should go up next week, as soon as the skeins are washed and dried.

And I think I've finally caught up on my everyday life after being out of town and out of the country for the past 4 weeks. Trips to Canada, LA and the Netherlands can sure put a damper on getting stuff done. But we/I had a great time seeing old friends and eating all that good food in North Holland--thanks, Annie and Gre!

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