Monday, March 24, 2008

I finally made it

Finally found my way into blogdom after retiring from my job, getting my life re-organized around having the time to do WHAT I WANT (shouting cause it feels good to do WHAT I WANT and not what's required of me), and hunting down a host I liked. And having the courage to actually post. No photo of me yet, as the Kodak decided to freeze up on me. Paid $20 for a new battery, charged it, and the camera still doesn't work. Will cost $125 + $48 shipping just to have them look at it. Decided to use hubby's Nikon, only to have the battery go dead on it. Now that $40 battery is charging so that hopefully I can finish my photos tomorrow. I simply must update my Etsy page with all the new spinning fiber I made last week and it's making me nuts to wait for a little bit of metal in a battery wrapper to charge up.

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