Friday, October 31, 2014

Yarn inspirations....

I can never decide which of the seasons is my favorite. Spring has it's newness and promise of things to come, summer means fresh vegetables and fruits and lots of time outdoors, winter is snow blanketing ugly places and birds gathering at the feeders. Autumn is just for color. The sky turns that intense blue and the trees put on their best outfits in colors that go so well with that blue sky.

Driving home from NC last weekend, we got to watch the backward progression of autumn color. North Carolina was just at the peak and as we traveled northward, colors became less intense especially on the east side of mountains where the trees endure the weather. Like this stop for a tank of gas in the Virginia mountains, where the color is still holding on my right but faded to mostly browns/burgundy/gold on my left. I'm thinking about a multi-brown yarn with pops of burgundy, gold and green. Possibly woven into a nice warm scarf.

Golds and burgundies on a taupe background on the windward side

Still holding the golds, reds and greens on the leeward side

Yesterday I got fed up with doing all those things on the To Do List, checking them off in such an orderly and efficient manner. So I ran away from home, heading up to Harmony to visit with Lisa and then a back country drive to my favorite diner. The tree beside the diner was stunning! So many possibilities here--deep green/purple yarn with gold, peach and ruby highlights, or white yarn with those same highlights and a snap of purple every so often.

THIS will become carded batts, then handspun yarn in a month or so!

I had to stop at the local supermarket for a few things for dinner tonight, glanced across the street at a defunct business, and found this:

A burnt orange yarn with yellow, red and green tweed? A multicolored yarn with tan tweed?
Color is everywhere! Especially brilliant at this time of year, but it's always there if you know how to look for it. And it's a never-ending source of ideas for yarn and garments.

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