Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished projects, works in progress, MARDI GRAS 2014!

I've been busy traveling to parts south lately--more on that later.

Recent projects finished:
A handwoven handspun scarf using a gradient dyed top and my rigid heddle loom. Which illustrates that yes, you can weave with handspun singles if you know how it needs to be spun and finished.

And the never-ending socks. The first pair for DS#1....

Second pair for DS#1 in progress....

Second pair for the Lady E....

Last week, I presented a program to our guild on using a blending board to make colored rolags. I had one packet of Flirty rolags left in my stash and took them along. Then I came home, spun them up, washed the yarn and have it sitting around until it tells me what it wants to be.

Last but not least, I'm working on complimentary yarn for a friend in Canada. She purchased my Fairy Garden yarn last year and has found her dream sweater. She needs additional yarn to complete it and, since there is no more of the fiber left for Fairy Garden, I made up some samples for her to swatch and choose. She liked the mocha/begonia/silk blend best and I must say, she has good taste!

Fairy Garden
Caffeinated Fairies
Oh, that little trip down South? DS#2, his lady and I flew to Louisiana to meet up with Husbeast. We've always wanted to do Mardi Gras, but didn't really want to contend with the crowds and parking in New Orleans. So we visited New Orleans on the Friday, drank our fill, saw the sights and blew out of town before the crowds arrived. We went up to Baton Rouge on Saturday for the Spanishtown parade, whose theme was Flamingo Dynasty. For your viewing pleasure....  (photos courtesy of S. Krenn)


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