Friday, September 13, 2013

Another non-topical, quick post

A quick summation of the past week, no photos as I've been very busy running around:

1.  Grand Opening of the new handmade gift shop in Latrobe, Willow Mist Boutique, is tomorrow. I'll be there with some hot hot salsa and am excited to meet folks from the area.

2.  Trying to pull the last bits together for the handspun knitting kits I want to offer in my shop. Why doesn't yarn dry as quickly when you need it NOW?

3.  Waiting to get the asbestos report (it's negative for asbestos) from the asbestos company so we can close on the in-laws house without problems. Hopefully, it will come in tomorrow's mail and that's one thing off the To Do List.

4.  I've finally gotten everything straightened out with our water well. We have hard water (no surprise for this area) about which we decided to do nothing, but there's a good bit of manganese and TSDs in the water. So filters were installed on Wednesday, after I spent Tuesday evening moving all the stuff in the basement so we'd have access to the space for the filters.

5.  Electric fencing installed around the garden late last week. Since the groundhog can't dig down under the fencing (it extends 4" underground but the animal DID once find a corner of the cyclone fence that they managed to bend enough to squeeze in), he/she started squeezing through the 1" space between the gate and fence. When we blocked THAT entrance, he/she started climbing over the 10' fence, dining on my plants, then going into panic mode and trying to dig out under the fence before they figured out that they needed to climb over the fence again to exit. This uprooted and killed several plants near the fencing. I waited to see if the electric fence was effective, as the groundhog hits the garden about every 4 days, but I need a good rain to tamp down the surrounding dirt so I can see if there's new digging. We did see him on Sunday afternoon, dining on grass in the back yard, but he's learned to run like he's on fire when he sees us because we have been known to fire a paintball gun at him. After the rain storm this week there's been no evidence of digging, no evidence of any plants being "trimmed" by the rotten little devil. Apparently, 6,000 volts is enough to discourage him...

6.  The car is certified to be in good shape for the next year. I have come to the conclusion that being stuck in garage waiting rooms with a tv that has no remote nearby is some type of devious torture inflicted on customers by disgruntled mechanics. There are several morning shows that I hope to never see or hear about ever again.

7.  Lovely cool nights are headed our way! I love love love sleeping with the windows open and have been known to open them on the warmer winter nights. Spring and fall are my absolute favorite months.

And I'm off to the studio for the afternoon, making rolags for a shop update. Have a great week and may The Force be with you!      (Yeah, I know it's a dated saying, but I'M dated, so there!)

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