Thursday, November 8, 2012

New/old batts and other news

I've been revisiting old colorways, revamping some to bring them up to date with new materials and/or colors, and relisting them in the shop. The most recent additions:
Eggplant batts--Merino, silk and bamboo

Onion Chutney--Merino wool and bamboo

Apples and Oranges, inspired by Cezanne--100% Merino wool
Apples and Oranges--quick and easy marbled yarn!

After a hectic summer of teaching and traveling, I promised myself that I'd be more efficient and regular at posting updates and bits of information on spinning and knitting. Life keeps laughing at my attempts to be efficient and regular. I'll be off-and-on this blog for the next few weeks as family issues take priority over my time. But I'll be making batts, spinning yarn, tackling knitting mysteries and posting when I can.

Life is short, make it count!

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'Kolai said...

Love seeing the new creations!