Friday, March 16, 2012

Another long gap in posts, but I'm back again

Phew! I've been dealing with family medical issues, renovation on in-laws house so we can sell it, lining up my teaching schedule and working with our guild to celebrate our 30th anniversary--where did the time go?

1. Family is all well now, and my neck is feeling much better after many visits to the chiropractor's office. A note to my friends--pay attention to neck injuries, they can lead to arthritis or worse later on.
2. Renovation on my studio is finished, renovation to in-laws' house is almost finished, yah!
3. TEACHING COMMITMENTS 2012: I'll be teaching Spindle Spinning at the Waynesburg (PA) Sheep and Fiber Festival, May 19 & 20. On May 26 & 27 I'll be in Wooster, OH at the Great Lakes Fiber Show. Saturday's class is Spinning Textured Yarns, and on Sunday I'll be teaching Spinning Knob (Knot) and Slub Yarns.
4. The Butler Spinners and Weavers Guild has 3-4 shows lined up in different venues during 2012, and one lecture planned for the fall. The first show will be held at the Shaler Library during the month of May. The remaining shows/lecture plans aren't completed yet, but stay tuned. Folks in the Pittsburgh & Butler areas might want to set aside Oct. 20 for something special.

And of course I haven't gotten my pieces for the May show finished. I had enough main color for the Color Blocks Vest in Spin Off, Winter 2011 but needed to spin up the accent yarns I wanted to use. Here's a shot of all 3 yarns and another of the swatch to test color sequence.

While I was at the wheel, I decided to ply the linen I'd spun during Penn's Colony festival back in September. I ended up with 110 yards, just enough to knit a Farmer's Market Bag (pattern on Ravelry, can't find it on the web)

Outside light source

Inside light source

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RMK said...

Looking forward to seeing you in May at the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest. Keep up the beautiful work!