Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow! In mid-March!

Along with the warmer weather we've had some rather weird weather too. Yesterday it started to rain, really heavy rain, and when the temperature dropped it turned to snow. There's a light coating of heavy wet snow on everything this morning and it's still coming down. I DO prefer new snow to the dirty older stuff but at least it's not enough for me to shovel myself out of the looong driveway, nor is it windy or very cold. So it's just pretty.......

The view from my bedroom at the front of the house. Typically you can see pretty far into the distance but it's all foggy with snow right now.

Taken from the window on the second floor landing. This is where the deer roam and cross into our yard to raid the corn on the squirrel feeders. It was an open field when I was little, and our mom sent us out there with a pot to gather berries for jelly and jam. We weren't allowed to return home until our pot was full!

This is part of the back yard, with the new deer and groundhog-proof fencing. The woods behind the old chicken coop (where we now store the lawn tractor and garden equipment) is where we kids built tree houses, played in the creek at the bottom of the hill and rode sleds in the winter. More than once I went so fast down the hill that I ended up in the creek!

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