Monday, November 1, 2010

Return of the prodigal

I've recently been reminded by a few folks that I've not posted anything for several months. Sorry about that but I needed to crawl into a cocoon for a bit. Having lost my mother-in-law/close friend, my favorite cat, my favorite brother, and my oldest brother within 9 months was overwhelming for me. I'm the sort of person who needs to draw inward when in trauma and that's where I've been--working around the yard, knitting, spinning and just being quiet so the internal upset would have a chance to settle.

I've also been moving forward on my COE-Spinning and now have several skeins and quite a bit of the written work finished. I try to work on it 20 hours a week but it's difficult to spin to regulation or work with equipment I don't enjoy when there's all those pretty colors of wool calling my name. I keep reminding myself that nothing worth having is easy to obtain. Heck, it took me 30 years to earn my Bachelors Degree!

I washed some skeins of handspun last night that had been hanging around my desk for a month. The red yarn which always bleeds slightly managed to bleed A LOT this time, and the nice sage/mint/beige/turquoise handspun now has permanent pink spots. There was no reason for this dye to adhere to the fiber, other than the heat of the water. Despite having done everything that I know to remove the dye, there's still pink on the wool. Any suggestions?


Doris Sturm said...

I know what you mean about having to draw inward - I'm the same way. When I'm sick or feeling sad, I don't want people hovering around me. I just need to be left alone to just FEEL and let things wash over me.

I'm sorry for your loss and I do hope that better times are on its way.

I still have not forgotten about my quest to have Gizzy's fur spun into yarn. He turned 13 on the 1st and I just have to get with the program.

It's nice to see you back. Have a wonderful weekend.

Doris and Gizzy

Annie said...

I so enjoyed chatting with you earlier this week. It makes you seem closer to us then, somehow.
I understand your feelings about loss and worries: I feel exactly the same and just disappear for a while. Usually I come back, tough.
Glad to see you do that as well.
Love, Annie