Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Workshops 2010

At the request of my friends and fellow spinners, I've designed a few spinning workshops for this coming summer. Having released the info to my gang of spinners (well, they ARE the ones who encourage me--the wind beneath my wings, so to speak), I'm opening things up to the public. I'll be posting them in 3 parts because I'm not sure my host will allow the entire document in one post, and I'd rather be spinning than editing Word documents!

Workshop/Class Offerings, Summer 2010

Spinning Woolen vs. Worsted Yarn

Did you know that the preparation of your wool affects the type of yarn you will produce? That there are different methods of drafting your wool to achieve either woolen or worsted yarn, and variations of these techniques? We’ll be preparing our own fiber from washed fleece, and talking about the traditional uses for both types of yarn. Students should be comfortable spinning on either a wheel or spindle.

Supplies to bring with you:
Spindle or wheel (don’t forget oil, hook & extra drive band)
Handcards/minicombs, if you have them (one pair of each will be available to share)

June 26, 2010—12:30 to 2:30
$35 includes materials and handout

Payment Information
Register early by contacting me through this blog to reserve your space. Payment can be made via Paypal (I’ll send you an invoice once you’re registered) or personal check. At this time I’m not able to accept credit cards. Payment in full is expected three days prior to the workshop.

So there you have it. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, etc. And be careful out there--tornado warnings abound in Western Pennsylvania this morning.

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Doris Sturm said...

How exciting - I enjoy teaching what I love to do. I've not had many students, but I know you will have a good time. Have you received many enrollments yet?

It's nice to read from you again. I've been wondering what you are up to ;-)

Have a nice Sunday!