Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going missing this week

Sorry, no blog post this week. We're packing up and heading to Idaho Falls to visit our youngest son. There will be much eating, hiking, and laughing, hopefully a trip to Yellowstone again (we've never seen the park in the off-season), and general lollygagging about the countryside. I've been busy getting everything ready for our absence--teaching the catsitter how to use the security system, doing laundry, finishing dyeing some superwash wool, yak, and tussah silk, packing the sock knitting, etc. Of course, the last thing I do is pack the clothes; travel knitting is ALWAYS packed first!

Sock yarn has not been started yet, but it's on the To Do List for later today. I'm off to buy catfood so HRH Mercury has a decent selection for the coming week. Enjoy the week, and keep on spinning!

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Doris Sturm said...

How wonderful. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation. I always wanted to see Yellowstone. I've spent some time in Yosemite, but never in Yellowstone - where Yogi and Bubu rob the picnic baskets, right?

Have fun and bring back some photos please!