Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's done! Well, sort of....

We've managed to mostly complete the move, and we're still married to each other and actually still talking to each other. Which I understand from friends is rather unusual. Never again. I will die in this house, or pay someone else to pack and move/donate my stuff.

But now we have to UNpack all that stuff, and still go through the junk we left behind to see if there's anything we still want, then clean the house and list it. I will be glad when it's all finished. Some things we learned:
1. Start WEEKS earlier than you think you need to. Although I was working mostly by myself, I should have started this packing back in February.
2. Never underestimate a salesman. One moving company salesperson sent me a contract which I never signed. Figured he'd get the message. Nope. His company showed up an hour after the one we'd signed with, but the crew was more than happy to go home that hot humid day.
3. Never believe the moving agent. If they say it's okay to NOT pack the freezer/refrigerator, they really don't mean it because the truck driver WILL make you pack both before they'll even consider putting them on their dolly.
4. Hire a moving company who hires professional truck drivers. Joe backed that truck into our driveway with inches to spare, because he thought about what he wanted to do and knew how to do it. Joe, here's to you!
5. Pack yourself a lunch. Otherwise, you'll be stopping at the local coffee shop for a quick muffin and brew. The truck crews usually pack/buy their lunch and eat it while in transit to the new house, and you won't have a spare minute to stop for a McNasty burger.
6. Swallow a dose of your favorite pain med and/or sleeping pill before going to bed that night. You'll be so tired and overwrought that you won't sleep without them.
7. WIPs make lovely packing material. They cushion the breakables and lighten the load. However, prepare yourself for the rude awakening when you realize just how many WIPs you really have!

When all is said and done, I'm glad to be here even tho the work isn't finished. Even tho we've named the rabbits here Hassen and Pfeffer and named the deer Stew, Burger and Little Stew, and named the groundhog #%&$* because she and the kids leveled my garden--it's still a great place to live. And I can't say enough good things about South Hills Movers--they were professional, supportive, thorough and hard-working.

I have begun to spin the second Posy Toes batts for the series I was writing on spinning my sock batts. The first batts were spun and one sock is completed. I'll continue the series soon--I need to download photos and figure out which box I stuck the sock knitting into. I know I was packing the CDs when I used it for packing material...wonder if it's in the Living Room boxes.....(wanders off to check)


Doris Sturm said...

What's WIP? Work in Progress? I'm not familiar with that acronym.

I know moving is a pain. I've moved a lot in my life and the last time, I did say what you said, about not moving lest I die or pay someone to do everything!

Did you read my post about Stuff? Maybe now that you've had a chance to rest a bit, you might laugh about it.

Hasen Pfeffer - Stew - I sure hope you guys are vegetarians ;-)

Glad you and hubby are still together after this ordeal!

Feisty said...

Yep, WIP is Work in Progress. And I have a lot of them, many more than I thought I did. Now that I've decided to cut back on my teaching, I may actually start working through them or just unknitting them and using the yarn for other projects.

Comedian George Carlin once did a skit on "Stuff" and as he always did, made perfect sense. When we're forced to choose what stuff to take with us, there's very little we really need to survive. But the yarn/fiber makes it so much more interesting.....

'Kolai said...

Happy New (old) House :)
Glad you're finally getting in there!
_Babeth :)