Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did you notice I was gone??

Due to a sudden bout of laryngitis followed immediately by a bout of bronchitis, I've been down for the count for 2 weeks. As soon as I got strong again, it was time to hop a plane and head for Charlotte, NC to celebrate my wedding anniversary with DH. I'm back and catching up with work, my Etsy shop, SWA business and COE work. Did you miss me?

Interesting item about the local news media in Charlotte. A snowstorm blew across the entire east coast while I was there and the following morning the local tv station was having a great time scaring the local populace into staying indoors all day. I can understand that the city is not prepared for salting the roads or plowing. But to tell people not to go out because the water dripping off store awnings is refreezing on the sidewalk, and you will probably slip and fall and go to the hospital in an ambulance is not journalism--it's scare tactics calculated to boost ratings. C'mon guys, wouldn't it have been more responsible to simply tell folks to be careful?

I'm also happy to report that the number of spinning students who are signing up for my classes has increased tremendously. I'm so happy that I can pass this skill on to others who are smitten with the magic of making yarn to their own liking. It's just such a kick to see the sparkle in someone's eyes when they 'get it'! That excitement is my drug of choice and much better than any silly street drug I could buy. You guys rock!

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