Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Lakes Fiber Festival--woohoo!!

Just got back last night from the festival in Wooster, OH where we had a great time. I met up with one of my BFFs who was my maid of honor 13 years ago, and once a business partner of mine. We only see each other every few years so it was soul-warming to chat in person. This year we decided to stay overnight rather than do a 5-hr round trip, and it was a wise choice. We had sooo much stuff crammed in the car that it was ridiculous. Of course, some of the stuff was our wheels and luggage but that's not the important stuff, is it?

Here we have the famous and popular AMZ dragging her THIRD load back to the car--it was a feeding frenzy. Some of you who have been on KnitList for years may know AMZ in her other persona, Blankie Woman. Apparently, the Blurbles were hungry for knitting materials.....

These are my acquisitions. That tan/black/lime green one in the front is an alpaca/llama blend that I'll probably ply with some black Merino I have in my stash. The lime is MUCH brighter than the photo shows. I've pretty much decided how to spin and ply each one, but that orange/green one in the back right has me puzzled. Oh well, by the time I get the rest done I'll have figured out something.

The sky both days was cloudless, the temperature was perfect and the trip was all I could ask for. Next festival will probably be Fingerlakes in the fall, if I can find someone to tag along with me (be forwarned, I'm a world-class enabler).

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